Paradise Flawed

Mystery & Thrillers

By Daniel Lance Wright

Publisher : Dream Books LLC

ABOUT Daniel Lance Wright

Daniel Lance Wright
I was born in the fall of 1950 in Lubbock, Texas to Kenneth and Bettye Wright. Our home was a cotton farm near there. My elementary, junior high and high school days, from the mid 50s through the flower-power era of the 60s, were all spent at the same place, Meadow. Meadow was a town of le More...


All Mike Hanson wants is a relaxing family vacation in the mountains of New Mexico; time away from his stressful Midland, Texas career and a chance to refocus on family. But the explosion of a gasoline tanker truck and subsequent forest fire not only change vacation plans but his entire life, sending Mike and other survivors on a dash for their lives. Its no accident. He is targeted to be eliminated.
Not a book that you will put down easily that is for sure. A very good book with amazing characters and great development! The beginning is a little slow but as soon as you get past the first two chapters the book just takes off on a while ride. A great book by a great writer! Haven't read his other book. At least not yet! I recommend it! Good turn around. I got it from [...] though, they have it for 28% off! But whatever floats your boat, you should purchase!