Reads Like Murder In Honolulu

Mystery & Thrillers

By Georgina Donovan

Publisher : Dream Books LLC

ABOUT Georgina Donovan

Georgina Donovan
Former business owner of a shave ice shop, Georgina Donovan ’s connection with Hawaii goes back many years including frequent visits to friends on Oahu. Long appreciation of the Islands has brought her a profound love of the aloha spirit and the magic that is unique to Hawaii. She has  More...



On her trip to Hawaii, bookstore owner Haley Wyndham is tangled up in disappearances and murders. An old ships log, a kahuna, and an ancient myth of a secret island complicate her efforts to solve the mysteries. Along with a local detective she discovers life can be more dangerous than anything on the shelves of her shop! Then the magic begins . . .
I just finished Reads Like Murder in Honolulu. A great distraction that caught me off guard when it went in a different direction than I was expecting. It made me wish that (1) I was in Hawaii, and (2) I was a bookstore owner. Bottomline - A fun book to read on on vacation (even a non-tropical one!).