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By Steven Labree

Publisher : Createspace

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Steven Labree


Lucas Colby buried his mother, killed a man, and burned down his house, just before he left home. A HEART LIES WITHIN US is the 85,000 word commercial love story of a life ordained to perfection until a box of hidden letters exposes the deceit in the life of Lucas Colby. Now he knows; everyone lies, everyone's dead, and he's running from a past he'd like to forget.

After seeing Savannah Vaughn, he believes she may be the perfect love until he discovers she has more on her mind than just him.  They seem the perfect couple until she can't live with his demands and leaves him knowing she must let him see his imperfection. Alone again, he faces the lies held within his heart and spirals toward death following his father's path to alcoholism.

From the shadows, Savannah follows the only man she could love and through the influence of others she secretly helps him recover. In this journey they learn, only by loving the imperfect person will they find perfect unconditional love.

I've come across several novels that have piqued my interest and caused the theater in my mind to flicker to life. A HEART LIES WITHIN US is an excellent, engaging story, well written, well organized, and I loved the plot! Thank you for sharing a book that should be a NY Times Bestseller! --Robert Jordan

Your character development reaches within the soul of the reader and your narrative is some of the most prolific I have seen in a long time. It is obvious; you are well on your way in becoming a best selling author. --Nora Porter

Your story is lively and I enjoyed --Sam Keen - Author of Learning To Fly