Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work

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Tony Deblauwe
I’m a work expert and career coach with 15 years experience in corporate Human Resources and Organization Development. I’ve worked with global start-up and large enterprises supporting arrange of projects from talent development to leadership.   I really love collaborating with peo More...



Do you dread going to work because of your boss? Quitting is not always an option and feeling like a victim of a bad boss only robs you of productivity, job satisfaction, and power.

Career strategist and workplace guru Tony Deblauwe has spent years coaching weary employees how to be more effective with difficult bosses, and he has compiled his experiences into this indispensable guide. Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work offers practical techniques that show you how to build a communication process that will turn things around to help you build successful outcomes.

You’ll get guidance on addressing direct and indirect bad boss behaviors, developing the right approach, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. By applying the techniques in this book, you will be equipped with the right tools to handle your boss and create the results you want.

Early in my career I reported to a bad boss and I didn't know what to do. That's a problem when you're the HR person. So I learned from the experience and after several years of coaching others, trying different methods, reading several books, and talking to experts, I was encouraged to put my ideas down into a book. I'm very happy with the outcome. The book really dives straight into practical guidance for how to work better with a difficult and demanding boss. The reality is, clever labels outlining boss types doesn't work for most people. They need something fast and easy to apply. My book does that and everything inside comes from field-tested solutions. I wrote it to apply to a wide audience. Employees who have to work with a bad boss of course, but for managers to understand what characteristics demonstrate Tyrant boss behavior and for HR folks to improve coaching for employee relations needs.

"Tony Deblauwe's approach to dealing with an abrasive, domineering boss is both insightful and inspired."
—LAURA CRASHAW, author of Taming The Abrasive Manager

"Tangling with Tyrants offers hope and alternatives for people who may think quitting is the only option for dealing with a bad boss."

"This book is a terrific and practical guide to dealing with bosses, and demonstrates a remarkable talent by Deblauwe to understand where key elements of power are focused in the workplace."

"Tangling with Tyrants identifies and explains dysfunctional relationship roles, what behaviors will adversely affect an employee, and actually changing the relationship dynamics with enduring, practical, applicable solutions."