Children's Books

By Ana Antunes

Publisher : Dance As One Publishing

ABOUT Ana Antunes

Ana Antunes
I have been writing and composing since the day that I created a prelude, composing some notes (which I still have recorded on my brain) on a small piano toy at the age of three. But I first put my two feet at the theatre, playing the flute to a big audience at Mackenzie Institute, when I  More...


Angels created then taken by dragonflies they were sent to Heaven. But when one falls off the way and is in peril, all the other angels go for her rescue. Only that she had already transmuted into another form of living. Will she return to her origins or will she stay to reign in her own Paradise. A fairy tale, like a metaphor of a world dwelling into constant duality, this book of rhymes is accompanied with romantic and sometimes dramatic scenes of watercolor's beauty and eerie atmosphere, in collages of nature on recycled paper and oil on canvas from the author.

This tale first appeared into my mind as images. I started to illustrate the story that came up in my head like a movie that played, and the characters appeared to be so alive that I dip deep down into the scenes, making them very real to me. Then I narrated what they were trying to tell, in verse, for that's how I saw the scenes as lyrical portraits of a vivid story.