10 Days of My Life

10 Days of My Life

ABOUT France Valens

France Valens
Doctor, corporate manager, inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, social media specialist, internet entrepreneur and writer! Author of upcoming book "10 Days of My Life".



In the upcoming book, “10 Days of My Life”, Shina Neville, a famous jazz diva, presents with a so-called “drinking problem”. Instead of having her career tarnished by a DUI on her record, a kind judge offers her an option to take some sort of alcohol rehab in an estate somewhere in New Jersey. Hesitant about the whole set-up, Shina had no choice but to heed to the offer and the rest of the book tells of her 10 day stay on a beautiful country estate with a mysterious man named Jarlath.

The one question people ask me is why was Shina sentenced to stay 10 days at that estate? Why not one week or 5 days? As silly as it may sound, 10 is a psychologically satisfying number. The top 10 and the 10 best are things you always hear. If you want to be the best you got to get into the top 10 of everything.

However, in essence the focus of the story is not on how many days Shina was sentenced to stay in the estate but on the lessons she learned in 10 days that eventually impacted her life. Honestly speaking, 10 days is never enough to learn about the things we need to get through in life. But I imagine Shina would never trade those 10 days for anything else.