Angel Vindicated


By Viola Estrella

Publisher : Cerridwen Press

ABOUT Viola Estrella

Viola Estrella
Viola Estrella has had an infatuation with writing since her angst-ridden teenage years when she sat at her secondhand typewriter and pounded out her most personal secrets, fears and desires. Twenty years later, she’s a little less dramatic but still madly in love with the written word.  More...


Abby Angel doesn’t always enjoy her job, but she excels at it. Deporting unruly demons back to Hell is her specialty. Her personal life, on the other hand, could use a little work. The virtuous gene seems to be missing in this particular Angel, getting Abby into more trouble than she likes to admit. To date, her biggest vice has been Siméon Keller, a half-demon/half-human, who effortlessly managed to seduce Abby five years ago. She’s avoided him ever since but can’t seem to knock the bad reputation the blunder has branded on her.


Now the threat of a demon rebellion has Angels, Inc. overwhelmed and Abby must trust Siméon to help her find the fiends threatening to destroy Earth’s only salvation. Staying out of Siméon’s bed is the least of her worries as she fights for the lives of all Angels and humans everywhere.

5/5 Tombstones from Bitten by Books
"Angel Vindicated is a witty, funny, sexy piece of fiction. It is so well written that you will lose yourself in the pages." Read the full review:

5/5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance
" The world building is extraordinary and totally unlike anything I have read in this genre." Read the full review:

5/5 Stars from Manic Readers
“Angel Vindicated is an intriguing read. Well written it makes you want to continue reading to find out just what is going on in Abby’s mind.” Read the full review:

4.5/5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies
"Abby’s spunky attitude and Simeon’s sexiness were too fun for words and their sizzling chemistry had me fanning." Read the full review:
4.5/5 Hearts from the Romance Studio
"I loved Abby Angel... This is pure creativity and imagination with the purpose of entertaining. I enjoyed it very much and I hope Ms. Estrella has more stories like this planned!" Read the full review: