My Brain Gets Full


By G. Gayle Kelley

Publisher : Amazon Group

ABOUT G. Gayle Kelley

G. Gayle Kelley
G. Gayle Kelley lives in a small central Kentucky town, Carlisle, with his wife Donna and grandson Jon.  His educational/work background is business management.  In the late nineties, he added two years of computer-related studies to his educational background and entered the technology  More...


I was leading a comfortable life as the Central Region Business Transformation Manager at a large company in Cincinnati, commuting to my job from my home in a pastoral setting in Kentucky. My entire world changed on December 18, 2002, when I experienced a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a fall at my place of work. Could I heal from this terrible injury? Would my family and I ever be able to enjoy anything approaching the quality of life we had before the accident?

G. Gayle Kelley masterfully draws a vivid painting of his life now, with a special perspective for the reader, as though he or she is looking through a window pane into the mind of a person with a traumatically-injured brain.

His honest sharing and persevering attitude, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, will give hope to survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families.
                       --Malinda Rassiga, Speech-Language Pathologist