The Adventures of Monsieur de La Donaree the Musketeer

General Fiction

By Ted Anthony Roberts

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Ted Anthony Roberts

Ted Anthony Roberts
Greetings, my friends, I am Ted Anthony Roberts, and I am a Swashbuckling Author - which basically means that my influences to become an artist by pen stroke have been merrily developed by such brilliant authors as Alexandre Dumas, Rafael Sabatini, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stev More...


The Adventures of Monsieur de La Donaree the Musketeer is a fictional, swashbuckling, romantic tale which is set in seventeenth century Europe. Monsieur Donaree is a relatively new member of King Louis XIV.’s personal bodyguard who is alarmed to find out that the love of his life, the beautiful Madame Charlotte de La Rose, has been mysteriously abducted and carried off to England. Donaree’s adventures to find her take him, not only into England, but also to the open sea to face Pirates, and even on toward the coast of Spain. The story is paced with adventurous sword-play, high-drama, un-guessable mystery, occasional comedy, and even romance! The adventures of Donaree recaptures the exciting novels of the greatest swashbuckling writers of the past, mixed with the lavish swashbuckling movies of the first part of the twentieth century, and it spins them all together with modern experimental ideas.

Even though the Introduction gives necessary historical information which properly places the Musketeers into their relatively unknown place in history, the first chapter starts off with an intense duel – which causes the victor, who does not kill his opponent, to wonder what had caused the painstaking battle to be fought in the first place. He was insulted, it is true, but he cannot figure the reason of the bout. However, as Monsieur Donaree will find out, his mysterious challenger will haunt him for the rest of his adventure; and it will take him a while to put the pieces of the puzzle together of how this mysterious duel was actually an attempt to stop him from pursuing his advancements to find his lady.

But why is this?

His clues lead him from Paris to London, where he faces more foes and more danger once he arrives. But to his relief, he also finds that there is a friend to be had in England as well. And this new friend, whose name is Sir Roland, will be the key character who is needed for the much anticipated rescue of Madame Rose. But once she is safe and sound, Monsieur Donaree is horrified to find that Sir Roland’s long-time Spanish Sea Captain friend, the infamous captain John Marlando, of whom Roland innocently entrusts with the safe passage for his new friends back to France, is also involved somehow with the mysterious abduction of the lady! Once they had been safe, but now they are back into the grips of harm’s way, and are set at sea with no more than an hundred unfriendly, rough sailors. And as if this is not enough, they are also boarded en-route (not to France as they had thought, but to Marlando’s castle in Spain) with a band of Pirates.

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Printed in High Quality Trade Paperback that's not your average dime store cheap quality flimsy paperback, which is usually printed on very cheap paper for a quick sale, but this book is printed on nice thick cream paper, and has a glossy high quality cardstock cover, which measures 9" x 6."

"Here I come, Madame de La Rose, be on a lookout for me . . . . Here I come, Monsieur Abductor, be on your guard, for, verily, I come for you as well!" Packed with plenty of swordplay and derring-do, occasional comedy, mystery, suspense, drama, and even romance!

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"Nicely done. I really enjoyed the history in the introduction and the duel is well written. Best of luck with the novel!" ~ Author David Lee Summers, author of five books: Vampires of the Scarlet Order, The Solar Sea, and the "Old Star" science fiction series: The Pirates of Sufiro, Children of the Old Stars, and Heirs of the New Earth. 

"Very exciting read! Felt like I was there witnessing the action!" ~ Candle Artist Jfay,

"I really enjoyed the humour and really laughed, not at Monsieur de la Donaree but with Monsieur de la Donaree! I dont know if you wrote it in this spirit but if you had a bit of Molière in you, I would not be surprised! He knew how to study people and would turn situations into a comic play! I laughed out loud, this is a gem! Not only de la Donaree is a fine sword, he has also a fine nose when it comes to pinpoint personalities, I'm talking about the Inkeeper and his situation with the wife here!! The second part is indeed in pure swashbuckling spirit, in rhythm and enthusiasm! And the end is a cliff-hanger! The beginning is "cocasse" (funny) as they might have said then in Gascony, and witty! Indeed Alexandre Dumas had a sense of humour too and satirically created at least one of his character ( in another book) to a character made up by Molière in one of his comic play. And Molière also took his inspiration from Dumas' s Musketeers and "The Man in the Iron Mask." I liked it! I had fun while reading this chapter about Monsieur de la Donaree, as while following the spirit of the Musketeers you gave a contemporary touch to the text!" ~ Artist Nicole Marques,

"Hurrah, Ted! I gleefully await the next installment! LOVE the romantic stuff! Bring it on! There are few things in this world I like better than a hot Viscount. Keep going, Ted! Bravo! Keep writing! I can't wait to read more! But it is par for the course as I am also a writer. Keep in touch!" ~ Author Genella de Grey, author of "Remember Me." 

"Wow - What a wonderful beginning. As a whole, you have a unique way of writing & you captivated me by a few sentences peaking my interest to continue. For instance: ...hazed by the early morning mist...I love it! I look forward to reading the next chapter. You've gained my interest. That was impresive & informative. You've still got the hook in & I'm dangling to hear more. Thanks for the sneak peak." ~ Aspiring Author R.F.Taylor: Rianna

"Well done. Chapter One entices the reader craving more. I will look for The Adventures of Monsieur de La Donaree the Musketeer on the web. Keep up the excellent writing..." ~ Ferf