Know Regrets

ABOUT Tim Durant

Tim Durant
Tim Durant is a senior executive with a New England based software company and an on-again off-again triathlete. His first exposure to triathlons was in 1985, while based at Pearl Harbor serving in the United States Navy. Most recently he completed the Timberman 70.3 half ironman in New Ha More...


Do you have a dream? Does thinking about that dream, unfulfilled, instill the feeling of regret?
Trip dreamed of racing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.  First, fear and guilt buried it, then, the demands of everyday life kept it hidden.
He had been competing in local and regional triathlons since his college days. Now, 17 years later, as a single father of two, the dream has been rekindled and the journey begins. Trip has a chance to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles amongst the best in the world. In order to reach his goal, he will draw upon more than physical strength, endurance and determination.
Trip’s story of reawakening a life long dream, finding the courage to act on it, through to its realization, is full of challenges, temptation and uncertainty, both on and off the race course. His journey spans from the comfortable suburbs of Boston, to the wild night life of Waikiki, over to the forbidding lava fields of the Big Island, in pursuit of a deeply seeded dream. Know Regrets shows that the decision to pursue a dream and the journey along the way are just as important as fulfilling the dream itself.  

Everyone has a dream. Not everyone has the courage to act on it.

I have skied on the snowy cap of Mauna Kea, been thumped by the pounding surf of the North Shore, climbed up the face of the Ko’olau mountains, gone sky diving over the Wai’anae mountains, been scuba diving off the reefs of Cocoa Head, run the Honolulu Marathon and participated in a variety of triathlons and races across Oahu. To this day, my most memorable, motivating and inspirational time in Hawaii was watching the men and woman race in The Ironman World Championship. There are hundreds of novels dramatizing many great sports. My hope is that this story can show the greatness of triathlons, a glimpse of human nature and strength of the human spirit. Everyone has a dream. Not everyone has the courage to act on it.

"Delve into Tim Durant's inspiring new novel, as it captures the sweat and struggle, exhaustion and exuberance inherent in the swim, bike and run." Triathlete Magazine
"Written in a fast-paced, breathless style, dynamic action scenes move the story forward with gusto—readers can almost hear highly charged background music during key moments." Kirkus Review
“Know Regrets takes you on a mental and physical roller coaster that we all feel when chasing something important.” Karen Smyers - Ironman Champion