Flying Wires

General Fiction

By Carol Plotnick

Publisher : Chrysalis Publications, LLC

ABOUT Carol Plotnick

Carol Plotnick
I am a freelance writer. I've had articles published in Light Sport and Ultralight Flying and UltraFlight, as well as at the United States Ultralight Association web site. My first novel, Flying Wires, came out in digital format [PDF] at the end of 2008, Kindle in March 2009 and paperback  More...


The only novel written about ultralight flying, this romance with aviation and finding love the second time around, will carry the reader to new heights. Engaging dialog and descriptive narration reveal the world of ultralight pilots and instructors. The author accurately presents the joy and the drama of flight through the experiences of the men and the heroine, the only woman pilot at a rural turf-airstrip in North Carolina. By opening this book, the reader takes the pilot seat and straps in for an exciting flight!

Shortly after I began my ultralight flight training, I wondered what I would do if my husband was killed. [He was also in training at the time.] How would I handle my loss? Would I meet someone I could fall in love with? The idea of love the second time around for someone in middle age interested me. I took the idea, meshed it with the world of ultralight flying and created Flying Wires.