The Cruiserweight

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L. Anne Carrington Carrington



Brett Kerrigan is a smaller than average cruiserweight wrestler who loves to entertain the crowds, giving it all for his fans throughout the world. In spite of his size, Brett is determined to be as strong, quick and fierce as his larger competitors.

Karen Montgomery is a sports journalist who has been fascinated by the world of wrestling since her teenage years. Her acclaimed article about Brett wins an award, but after several missed opportunities, she meets him for the first time.

In spite of a seventeen-year age difference between the pair, the demands of their respective careers, living thousands of miles from each other, Brett eventually being released from his talent contract, and Karen dealing with personal news she never considered—yet affects both of them—an unlikely relationship blossoms between them. But can love overcome the many obstacles in their lives?
Simon & Schuster author Karen Hillard Good, Reindeer Christmas and The Very Best Pumpkin (to be released August 2010)
“I really like your character Brett and I'm hoping things work out for him with Karen. Good luck with this!”

Simon & Schuster author Lisa Adams, Lords of War, Teen Queens and Has-Beens and The Princess of Pop
“Ok, so if ever there was the antithesis of "The Wrestler," this is it. I learned more about the sport of pro wrestling than I ever have the umpteen years of the sport's existence. I like the extensive use of dialogue instead of the blocks of narrative with a little dialogue thrown in. You have picked an obtuse subject matter, but you have handled it well. And Karen's character drew me in because female sports journalists are on the rise.”

Angela Brown, Wild Child Publishing/Freya's Bower
"Your story has potential. Your storyline seems to be solid."

Gurmeet Mattu, Director, Author, Writer, Scriptschool Creative Writing Sources Founder

"This is the work of a talented writer, with a firm grasp of narrative, prose and dialogue. The action scenes, and remember this is about wrestling, so there are lots, are absolutely brilliantly executed, pulling you right into the action. Wrestling and romance, who'd have thought it? Backed, with a backflip and a bodyslam."

Karen Blakeney, Nathan:
A Heart, A Storm, A Prayer
"Gritty and compelling. What Rocky Balboa did for boxing, Brett Kerrigan stands ready to do for wrestling."

Gerry McCullough, Belfast Girls

"I have to begin by confessing that, like a lot of women, I'm not a big fan of wrestling. Nevertheless, this book gripped me from the start. Okay, it's a love story, but Karen and Brett don't even meet until Chapter 3. But the descriptions of the wrestling really work. And Brett's character, and Karen's, are so well drawn that at once we want to know more about them. For those who like a love story, as well as those who enjoy wrestling and are interested to read about it, this should be a very successful book."

Catherine Batty, Judas Kiss
"Quite possibly the most unusual romance I've read on here so far with Brett the panic attack suffering wrestler- and that is certainly not a bad thing! As others have said, this is a fun easy to read novel. Your characters of Brett and Karen are believable and jump off the page."

Carole Sommerville, From His Mistress
"Strong opening scene that touches all senses: the noise, atmosphere, sounds and smells. Realistic and an unusual setting for a romantic read. This offers unique perspective for a romantic novel and originality."

Earmonn Walls
"Reminds me of the early chapters of Michael Crichton's Timeline - that's pretty good by anyone's standards!"

Dustin Dekarske, CEO, Future Shock Pro Wrestling
"OMFG! Amazing!"

Phillip Crippen, Emerluvly
"I get a very strong visceral sense of Hemingway--and I mean this as an absolute compliment. The fact is, you are handling a subject that contains violence, romance, machismo, and rebirth in a very minimalist way (and with perfectly ironic tag-team dialogue). It adds so much to the sweat and grit and warrior lifestyle that permeates your story."

Laurie A. Will, Into the Master’s Lair
"What an original idea and an entertaining read. I really liked Karen and Brett and the anxiety and panic attacks Brett gets. It really add a new dimension to the macho wrestler character and makes him real."

Lilly S. Rowland, Ring Around the Murder
"I completely loved the opening chapter. I also like how you did not have the characters meet right away and instantly make eyes at each other. I like romances to build gradually."

C. Stiles, reader, feedback via email

“Gives a realistic view of the struggles and victories of a wrestler that is not the classic “cookie cutter” type, and how he can remain humble through both.”

 Jennifer C. Braun, Shoondor
“I liked the synopsis of your story since my son is a part time wrestler/body builder…”

Jared Conway, Mummy’s Boy
“Unusual setting for a novel, can't think of many with wresting as a theme, but why not?”

S.A Stone, Eden Falls
“I can so see this as a movie. I really like the few chapters I’ve read so far. Good characterization and dialogue. I also like your vivid descriptions. Your writing style was easy and fun to read.” -

Poppet, Exploits and WIND:
“This is light and breezy. It's an enjoyable read…”

Rodney Battles, Hearts, Heads & Beds, New Attitudes, and Dating Games
“…Based on your synopsis and the first couple of chapters, I've got your back."