The Number One Fan


By Brenda Beard

Publisher : Publish America

The Number One Fan

ABOUT Brenda Beard

Brenda Beard
Hi, I'm Brenda but I go by the tag Author BBLove however on Twitter, I am LadyLove62. I have one novel published titled The Number One Fan and am looking excitedly for a spring release for my second Novel titled The Cat's Meow. My favorite genre is romance but a synthesis of many genre's i More...



An amazing twist of fate has Logan Cooper wanting desperately to escape reality. As the winning contestant of a Reality TV show, Logan finds herself suddenly on opposite ends of the celebrity fan phenomenon.

 Dark Romance Writer turned actor after yet another of his novels becomes a blockbuster movie, invites Logan into his exclusive world of drama and enchantment. However, Logan is not warmly accepted by New York City's celebrity elite. Fearing rejection by Derek, Logan and heart take flight but Derek catches her at every turn. Left with nowhere to run, Logan finally gives in and allows Derek to hold the key to her heart and dreams. Unbeknown to her, Logan is initiated into a tempestuous plot of suspenseful romance where it seems she can't escape reality quickly enough to save her heart, her dreams, or her life . For Logan Cooper and Derek Davenport, love's promise spawns a highly unusual, surprisingly intense, quiet storm.

This story started as a result of a brief encounter with a celebrity who liked a picture of his fan.

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