Heroes Die Young

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By T. M. Hunter

Publisher : Champagne Books

ABOUT T. M. Hunter

T. M. Hunter
As a writer of science fiction novels and short stories, T. M. Hunter has appeared in such publications as Ray Gun Revival, Residential Aliens, Golden Visions Magazine and Lorelei Signal, and has twice (2007, 2009) received a top ten finish in the P&E Readers Poll. He currently has two More...


Space pirate Aston West stumbles upon a derelict freighter, fresh from a recent battle, and can’t fight the urge to pilfer a valuable cache of highly illegal weapons. One last stowaway fights back, thinking him part of an earlier boarding crew. Attack craft return to finish the ship off and Aston has no choice but to save her from certain destruction.

Who is she? What are the weapons for? Why was the freighter destroyed?

Aston discovers more questions than answers, and his life is put in jeopardy every time he stops to catch his breath. Aston’s life motto of never getting involved is put to the test, and he must decide whether to become a hero for people in need, or continue his path of self-preservation.

Heroes Die Young actually started out from a dream I’d had, in which a spaceship was being destroyed all around someone. When I woke up, I immediately picked up my notepad and began jotting down notes based on the dream, questions to spur thoughts about what someone was doing on-board a ship, why the ship was there in the first place, and who was trying to destroy it. That led to even more questions and notes, and the process continued until I finally had a story fleshed out. Ultimately, the original dream became the basis for the last portion of the first chapter of the book (which can be found as a free excerpt over at my website).

This book was great fun to read, exciting and believable...T.M. Hunter is a name to remember for you sci fi fans out there. -- Midwest Book Review

Mr. Hunter has written a refreshing heroic story that promises to build into a spectacular series. -- Coffee Time Romance

I usually don't read sci-fi/space age type books, but I must admit that this book piqued my interest. I was completely wrong! This book is awesome. -- Book Universe