Blood Moon; Tales of da Yoopernatural, Volume 1


PD Allen
PD Allen lives in a cabin in a remote section of the PorcupineMountains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. His cabin is equipped with a hand pump to draw water. Electricity is provided by a bicycle hooked to a small generator. He spends his days hunting, fishing and foraging. He travels arou More...


Connie Hillman must come to grips with what happened in the HuronMountains, where she survived an encounter with ghosts, giants and cannibalistic Weendigo.

Connie reflects on horrific events in the ancient and remote HuronMountains, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Her former lover (and PhD advisor) Phil Waverly stumbles upon an ancient ceremonial site, which he believes will prove his theory of a Pre-Columbian Bronze Age civilization in the Great Lakes region. Can Connie stop Phil from opening a portal between worlds?

This volume also includes The Buck of Mulligan Plains. Henry Kincaid is hunting the biggest buck he has ever seen. A renowned outdoorsman, Henry always sought to be at one with the northern wilderness. Yet he never dreamed of attaining his goal in quite this manner. Meanwhile his lover, Lilith Gordon, fears she will lose him forever.

This is the first volume of Tales of da Yoopernatural, a series of supernatural horror and contemporary fantasy stories set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Each volume strives to be an example of the fine art of storytelling.

"This is beautifully written, utterly engaging and rather scary. Everything it sets out to do, it accomplishes brilliantly."

Daisy Anne Gree, author of Babylon

"Your clever way of mixing well research anthropological and geological material into your story has me believing everything. It seems so real. The relationship between Phil and Connie is so parasitical and common in universities."

Alexie Aaron, author of Decomposing