Apollo Weeps

Poetry, Religion & Spirituality

By Lizz Clements

Publisher : Lizz Clements

Apollo Weeps

ABOUT Lizz Clements

Lizz Clements
Lizz Clements is a vegan food blogger and eBook author. She recently published Vegan Glass Jar Goodies, a collection of 10 recipes with instructions and tips on how to make vegan gifts in a jar perfect for any occasion. Her other cookbook, Summertime Sippers, is a collection of 15 thirst-q More...


The second in the author's exploration of life through poetry, Apollo Weeps continues where its predecessor, Generational, leaves the reader. The two books are presented in a diary-like format with poetic entries assisting the reader in their journey through the author's teenage and post high school years. Emotions and experiences captured in the author's poetry range from happiness to sadness and everything in between. With the accompanying journal entries and bits of prose, Apollo Weeps is an amazing look into the deep struggle of one woman as she gains independence and find adulthood.
"I don't read anywhere near as much poetry as I should and I always say I'm going to change that. I'm glad I got a chance to make this one part of that. Clements has a unique voice. The poems are very intimate in a different kind of way than I am used to. Rather than trying to pull the reader into some kind of forced intimacy with the poet's hidden internal world, Clements seems to just start writing from herself. It's a very unpretentious kind of intimacy, natural seeming without an obvious amount of labor. The poems in this collection tend to be somewhat playful and often very emotionally charged. I think it will be interesting to watch that voice develop as Clements continues progressing as a poet." David, a Goodreads member.

"Above all else, the poetry in this book was written with a genuine voice. And for the most part it was noticeably different from the usual mid-to-late-adolescent angst-ridden verses, which was surprising and kind of refreshing. I wrote countless angsty pieces at that age, and it was a little shocking that the writing in this collection was mostly upbeat and a lot of the events in the journal entries seemed anathema to my image of what an ~18-year-old self-professed writer would be doing.

However, aside from a few really original and powerful turns of phrase, it just wasn't my cup of tea. When I read poetry, I often wince a little and wish that there was some sort of rhyming license for poets... and the bulk of this little tome proved to be no exception. The journal entries also seemed to have too much exposition- some of them felt as if they had undergone extensive editing for the sake of the reader. I understand that editing may be unavoidable to make the content comprehensible to a reader that is not oneself, but the entries didn't seem as deeply understood and personal as I would expect a journal to be.

I expect that with time, Clements's voice and style will mature and improve... she appears to have potential for excellence." V, a Goodreads member.

Apollo Weeps offers a lot to its readers poems, insight into the authors life, what inspires her poems.There's a lot of verity in her poems from silly to romantic to meaningful. Enjoy her poems about being crazy, veggie boys in love and for her mom in between a every few poem there's journal entries that show insight into her life.find out how she dealt with working long hours at two jobs.In the book there are also what inspires her poems. Find out how she writes romance. Apollo weeps is very entertaining and inspirational." mouw, an Amazon customer.

"It's nice to know that I am not alone. I am sometimes depressed by the very same things that bother you. Keeping a journal of any form is the best therapy. Einstein argued, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' Keep daring to be different Lizz." Jeff Kunkel, an Amazon customer.