Marie's Book of Spells

Marie's Book of Spells

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This collection of spells and magical advice is not restricted to one magical path or religion. What entails is an easy to use and understandable charm of a book that introduces readers to the art of casting spells. Whether you're interested in healing a loved one, gaining prosperity, of finding peace within yourself, Marie's Book of Spells will assist you in discovering a personal magic.

This book is available in eBook format only at a cost of $2.99. It has remained within the top 50 of Amazon's bestselling lists in magickal categories since 2009.

Marie Elizabeth Valincourt published Marie's Book of Spells in 2001 in an attempt to bring magic to a wider audience. The book is presented in an easy to use, universal, and secular format and can be utilized by magicians of any religion or spiritual path. The spells enclosed within the book's pages can bring you prosperity, beauty, health, protection, and employment. Additional chapters include instructions on how to cast a circle, recommended tools, and creating work space.

Marie's Book of Spells has reached the #1 spot several times on Amazon's bestsellers list in the Kindle Marketplace in the categories of Paganism and Magic. It has remained within the top 50 since digitally released in 2009.

"Very short and very good. The spells are easy yet profound, there is no kitsch nor any mythological fairytale to be found. What really appeals to me is the introduction; you are not required to follow a certain path in order to perform magic. This book simply addresses everyone interested in casting spells." Jane Doe, Goodreads member.

I've actually read a fair number of spell books, though I no longer consider myself a practitioner or continuing learner. But I really enjoyed reading this. I liked Lizz's thoughts on the work space, and I liked her definition of magic as well. The practicality of the spells and the focus on unselfish things was really nice to see as well." Megs, Goodreads member.

I thought Marie's Book of Spells was a very well done book and easy to use. Been using the wishing well. It works. To anyone who has been using spells for awhile or to anyone who is new to it I would highly recommend this book." Jeff Stoll, Amazon customer.