And They All Rejoiced! Soul-Stirring Poetry.

Religion & Spirituality, Poetry

By Cendrine Marrouat

Publisher : Cendrine Marrouat

ABOUT Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat
Born in France, Cendrine Marrouat started writing in 2005, a couple of years after moving to Canada. A poet, budding playwright, amateur photographer, and translator, she is considered as the epitome of the “one-woman team” by many. Despite her young age and short writing career, she h More...



In her first book in English, the author displays thirty-nine poems dealing with topics like love, life, and spirituality. Her poetry evokes her inner self, and reflects her interest in anything spiritual. People of all faiths can embrace the themes of this work. Poem after poem, her writing evolves, growing away from worldly concerns. Let yourself be lulled by rhymes and word!