Love Never Dies Book 1 The Parting

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Geoffrey Zimmerman

Geoffrey Zimmerman personifies the quintessential writer. Some ask, “ Do writers undertake risky, dangerous, moving experiences in order to write about and share them – or is a writer essentially an experiencer, observer, documen More...





Geoffrey Zimmerman

    Soviet ruled Poland during the 1850’s was scattered with peace-loving tribes. Farmers, small cattle ranchers and hunters made up the majority of the settlers. But through the forests and over the plains, Russian- conscripted Cossacks rode – doing the bidding of the Czar. Simple and quiet lives of peasants gradually became wrought with uncertainty and fear.

    Alexi Kowalski, a 16 year-old and Katia Denesovich, a 15 year-old live in Terraminsku – within a small settled tribe of Polish Kashubians numbering ninety five people. Alexi and Katia are sweethearts – having grown up just one mile apart – and find themselves telepathic.

    Alexi’s father sees the influx of Cossacks as a threat. Katia’s father hopes the Kashubian freedom - fighters will turn them away. And, so, Alexi must inevitably say good-bye to his beloved sweetheart. He and his family embark on a journey that will take them 3,800 miles to New York City – to the land of peace and opportunity.

    Within New York swarm gangs, prostitutes, danger, debauchery, prejudice. In order to contribute and augment his sweat-shop factory earnings, Alexi decides to join a gang. He becomes a runner – a bagman. During the heated reprisal of his sister’s rape, Alexi’s gang inadvertently kills a man. Alexi feels implicated and decides to flee, not even alerting his family to what he’s done.

    He wanders for days, and out of desperation, knocks on the front door of a desolate farmhouse in bucolic Hoboken, New Jersey. He’s taken in by Edward and Joan Barrett, two lonely old people – who find great solace in Alexi’s company. His summer with the Barrett’s reminds him of the power of love and acceptance – and after three months, Edward pays Alexi 100 dollars – payment for the work he’s done over the summer. Now, Alexi can buy passage back to Poland, and reunite with Katia. He sends out telepathic images alerting her to his return.

    But, during the 15 months he’s been away, the forest of Terraminsku has become more and more deadly. A young, zealous prince has ridden into the forest and abducted Katia. Alexi has disturbing dreams on his return voyage that cause him to fear the worst. Upon returning to Terraminsku, Alexi comes upon Katia’s burned down cabin.

    Alexi seeks out his uncle, a Kashubian freedom-fighter, to try to discover the fate of his beloved. He learns that a Kashubian girl was indeed abducted months ago, and that the prince has chosen this girl to be his bride.

    “It would be suicide to attempt a rescue,” Alexi’s unle warns him. But Alexi’s heart is stronger than his head, and he decides to risk everything to save Katia.

    With the aid of a friend he made on the return voyage home, Alexi and his new cohort scale city walls beside the castle, and are able to do battle with the prince and his guards.
But, their troubles have just started. Alexi, his new friend and Katia must now escape the castle and the oncoming throng of soldiers. Peril seems imminent.

    Alexi’s uncle has rallied his battle-weary freedom-fighters and is on his way – charging through the forest to rescue his brave nephew and friends.

    Battle ensues. Blood is spilled. Alexi and Katia finally find safety in a small rowboat in a lake by the prince’s castle. They have finally reunited. They relive past adventures and catch up on the last 18 months.

    But, one adversary remains, hidden in the grass on shore. As Alexi and Katia embrace, he takes aim and fires a fatal shot at the two lovers in the rowboat. The two succumb, held together, their last words those of dedication and undying love.