Repulsion Thrust


By Magdalena Ball

Publisher : Bewrite Books

Repulsion Thrust

ABOUT Magdalena Ball

Magdalena Ball
Magdalena Ball runs The Compulsive Reader. She is the author of the poetry books Repulsion Thrust and Quark Soup, the novels Black Cow and Sleep Before Evening, a nonfiction book The Art of Assessment, and, in collaboration with Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Deeper Into the Pond, Blooming Red, C More...



As with her first poetry collection, Quark Soup, Magdalena Ball's Repulsion Thrust tackles big subjects not often the fodder of poetry: quantum physics, astronomy, time travel, ecological destruction, and technological singularity, all viewed through the lens of the human condition.

"Wonderful. The work covers a lot of ground while keeping a poetic sensibility, which is hard to do.  We need more singularity-aware art."  Ray Kurzweil

 "In poetry the thin line that divides the hermetic from the obvious is dangerous ground and not all poets can tread there without destruction. Magdalena is comfortable here and not only treads but dances." Bob Williams

"Precise and exciting. Words sizzle on the page. Images steeped in the physical world work beautifully to illuminate complex emotions and states of mind. Magdalena Ball is an important poet." Joan Schweighardt, author of Gudrun's Tapestry, Virtual Silence and other novels.

"This is a book of poetry for anyone who has been in love and knows what it is to live in the twenty-first century, but who is more than a little scared of what might happen if all the lights went out. Take these poems seriously. They may just have some of the answers you require." Catherine Edmunds,author wormwood, earth and honey

"Magdalena Ball creates a stunning impression with her first full-length collection, Repulsion Thrust. Her poems speak of experience, wisdom, and curiosity and welcome the reader to embrace a voyeuristic ride. Beautiful, haunting, and honest, Repulsion Thrust is a powerful collection with a
refreshing voice and an open heart." Lori A. May, author of stains

"poems of clarity, epiphany and stark existential awareness.  A bracing, imaginative collection of poetry that rewards repeated reading."  Sue Bond, M/C Reviews

 "Using physics and philosophy, phobias and facets of astronomy and math, the poems in Magdalena Ball’s new book, Repulsion Thrust, are manuals and kones to scientifically and whimsically imagined new worlds; they are forthright and experimental, they are futures you really hope are not true.  Reading her book is like reading the poetic version of 1984 by George Orwell, where humans are really not human any more.  And you might even feel like you are smarter, more hip to science."  Nanette Rayman Rivera,   writer and editor

“A heart-felt exploration of the "black dog" that has the courage to leap between the crags and crevices of the daily round.  Justin Lowe, Bluepepper

"NGC4736, a.k.a. Messier 74, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici, becomes poetic in Magdalena Ball’s science-and-tech-themed collection of poems. Scientific phenomena NGC4736, black holes and ice tunnels, amygdalas and the quintessential example of existential uncertainty, Schrödinger’s cat, become metaphors for the most intimate human thoughts and feelings. After all the banal pseudopoetic cliches that clog modern poetry, this collection is refreshing. This collection is to much modern poetry what real science is to pseudo-scientific quackery.


To paraphrase one of Ball’s lines in “Equinox,” she slices great slabs of poetry from her tongue and pen. The buzzard light of dawn contrasts with the prophecy that in our digital age, the flick of a switch can doom us to literal and emotional darkness. Anyone who thinks science is cold should take a microscope to Ball’s universe in which electromagnetic radiation from emotional emissions creates a tiny scientific revolution. This collection of poems is enough to inspire creative writing majors to switch to astronomy and physics. Perhaps maybe not. But Ball's verses will cause a paradigm shift."  Kristin Johnson, poet, author, screenwriter and founder of the Poet Warrior Project

"Ball’s poetry is wholesome, blending the rational and the irrational, the physical and the metaphysical, together with the real and the surreal. The result is a an unusual and compelling book. Repulsion Thrust is a poetry book to be read very slowly in order to savour every word, every metaphor, and to immerse oneself in the rich and colourful imagery, to be touched by despair but also by hope and love."  Beatriz Copello