In Due Time


By Walter Frazier

Publisher : Publish America

In Due Time

ABOUT Walter Frazier

Walter Frazier
Everything I do I must first visualize it in my head. I want my readers to think the character’s thought, I want my readers to be able to smell what my characters smell, feel what they touch and for them to do that I must visualize it and let it manifest in my mind



In Due Time is the fictional story of Mark Anthony, a man many guys can relate to, who goes away to college to better himself, but in the process he learns a hard lesson in women and life and an even harder lesson about himself. Not wanting too much out of life, like most of us, he just wants family, love, a career and a few things in between. Upon seeing an old girlfriend that he hasn’t spoken to in over a decade, Mark realizes his life could forever change. In one brief moment Mark Anthony’s whole life could change. Mark Anthony is now forced to face the demons of his past to protect his future, but to face the demons he has to relive the hell of his past he tried so hard to forget.

In Due Time is the first book released by Walter L. Frazier, Jr., who plans to depict his male characters in a more positive light rather than the typical cheating and sexually promiscuous ways of most male characters in African-American novels. Walter L. Frazier, Jr. wants to change the perception of black males and relationships and dismiss the myth that black love is extinct.

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