POETRY! Handle With Care: a book of poems and something sort of like art


By Chazda Albright

Publisher : Lulu

ABOUT Chazda Albright

Chazda Albright
L. K. Chazda Albright is a self-taught artist with Majors in English and Philosophy and a Degree in Residential Design.  In 2002 Albright moved from the western coast of America to the Hessen Region of Germany with her husband, and in 2006 they had a daughter.   Under the penname Stevi More...



Poems include the award winning "He Brings Yellow Flowers To The City" and "Star Stuff." The poem "The Princess, To The Prince" has been widely published as a greetings eCard. "Morning Reassurance" has been displayed in galleries as Word Art.

More than a collection of poems, the artwork (or something like it)in POETRY! was drawn as a spontaneous response to each individual poem. The only tools used to achieve this were those
readily available within Microsoft Word, and a cordless mouse.

Each poem can and should be read as separate entities, but taken as a whole work, from cover to cover, one feels a story has been told.
"Rather than a tedious ride through someone's journal, this covers a lot of ground in a short space... Charming, irreverent, and at times brassy, Albright's poetry remains empathic and
accessible instead of tawdry and confessional which is so in vogue these days."
-Alexander Renault, Erotica Authors Association