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By Micki Peluso

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ABOUT Micki Peluso

Micki Peluso
I 've been a journalist, columnist, short fiction and non-fiction writer over the past twenty years. I began writing as a catharsis for my intense grief over the DUI death of my fourteen-year-old daughter. This culminated into the completeion of my first book,. . .AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG More...


This is a story of an ordinary family who lead a fun-filled life with six kids, most a year apart. It begins with teenagers, Micki and Butch, who elope  to Elkton, Maryland in a bizarre double wedding ceremony with Micki's mother. Their lives are filled with exciting cross-country trips with a father, much like the father in "Sound of Music" who thinks things should always run smoothly. Micki just grins, knowing that chaos will always reign supreme. They buy a haunted house in the mountains of Pennsylvania, hoping to take the children, mostly teenagers now, to a safer place than the drug infested schools of New York City. A sunny day in August brings a halt to their laughter and their dreams as one of the kids is struck down by a drunk driver a block from their home. Micki tells their story from the ICU of the hospital as the one struck down lies in a coma with a severed spinal cord. She flashes back to the past in order to better cope with an uncertain future as they learn again to laugh, to weep, to dance , to grieve, . . .AND THE WHIPPOORWIL SANG

This book is a memoir deicated to the one I lost. It is a death bed promise to a dying child pledging that I would ensure her death was not in vain. This is being done by marketing this book all over the world, offering proposals to various movie producers and by speaking to schools and PTAS on the dangers of drunk driving, as well as community fund raisers, The Chamber of Commerce, local cable TV guest spots and book signings at restaurants, and book stores.I had assumed my main market would be mothers and women, but I have been amazed to see this book reach out to men from fifteen to eighty-six, and people from all walks of life. This is a book that impacts upon the reader in a way they do not easily forget. They laugh , they cry and they are changed in many diverse ways from reading this story. It is not a book can that be put down once the reader has read the first page--and so my promise is already being kept.