Heirs to the Kingdom part two : The Lost Sword of Carnac

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Robin John Morgan

Publisher : Violet Circle Publishing

ABOUT Robin John Morgan

Robin John Morgan
Heirs to the Kingdom is a series of ongoing books, that I really never intended to publish. I have always written short stories, that have been read mainly by friends. I enjoy writing, but never considered myself a serious writer, for me it was just a way of allowing the creative feelings  More...


Having accepted his destiny, and left Loxley to prevent his enemy from stealing the crown of England, Robbie now has to take stock and decided his next move. His brother Billy is now his enemy, and the true fight for the woodland realm has begun in earnest.


Mason Knox has been stopped, but not defeated. Robbie and his group must now rush back to Loxley in preparation for the backlash of the forces of those bearing the red dragon. A dark force is rising in the north, and soon they will face some of their greatest challenges, as Knox retaliates with brutal force, and events spiral out of control.

With Rune, he must prepare to seek the lost sword, with no idea of where to begin looking.The pressure rises and the tension builds, as Rune’s new powers appear to drain her of strength, and she senses others of power moving towards them.

Who is the owner of the Sword of Knowledge? Where is the lost sword of honour, and who will wield it? The silent stones guard the answers, as Loxley becomes the focus of everything. Many answers lie hidden under the veil of the coming of the age of dreams, and Robbie has yet to find them. 

This is the second part of the series ‘Heirs to the kingdom,’ and a superb companion to book one. With everything now in place, the story really begins, and from page one, it twists and turns with excitement, magic, and adventure. Filled with humour and some gripping moments, this is a wonderful follow up to the Bowman of Loxley, from adventure writer Robin John Morgan.






With the characters set and the plot established in book one, the second in the series of books, allows the story to move forward. Mason Knox has failed to take the crown of England, and Robbie and Runestone celebrate with the group of specialists. Mason has spent over twenty years planning his take over of the country and is not about to sit back, as the crown is lost, his retaliation is swift and severe. The action and adventure begin from page one as the group race to get back home to Loxley, where they will face the greatest challenges to date, which will test them all to their limits. Faced with the challenge of finding the lost swords, and the heirs to weild them, Robbie has no idea where to look as the pressure begins to mount. The story twists and weaves in unexpected directions filled with tension, relieved at times with some warm and wonderful humor. Described by Facebook users as a wonderful slice of life adventure fantasy novel, this is a book with some captivating moments that will have you on the edge of your seat, or smiling warmly and laughing the next. this is a series that will have you thinking long after you have closed the cover, as the world of the woodland realm comes very much to life. This has been a thrilling and greatly rewarding experience for myself as a writer, as this is the second book, and I knew from page one that having written the first, I could indeed write a full legnth story. I think I have learned a great deal since writing the first instalment, and it shows in this book. I am very excited about this one, and I have to confess that getting it published has been one of the most exciting times in my life. I hope that for every reader, it will be as exciting for them to read, and will provide some of the fun I had in its writing.