Sex and Many Chiropractor Bills


By Chazda Albright

Publisher : Lulu

ABOUT Chazda Albright

Chazda Albright
L. K. Chazda Albright is a self-taught artist with Majors in English and Philosophy and a Degree in Residential Design.  In 2002 Albright moved from the western coast of America to the Hessen Region of Germany with her husband, and in 2006 they had a daughter.   Under the penname Stevi More...


Sex and Many Chiropractor Bills is a collection of Burns' best essays and rants.

The topic? Sex. Sexuality. Woman. Why it matters so much to us and just why, in fact, it should.

Includes favorites like Sperm On Toast, where Burns investigates the nutritional value of ejaculate. Also Civic Blowjob, which inspired thousands of people to email Bush a virtual blowjob. Passion Partycrashers was a political-sexual Call To Action and greatly aided in getting the Webb vs. Texas case against a sex toys worker dropped.

This Edition:
Award Winning Fiction "Sarah's Down Under"
(1st Place for Best Erotica Short Story, 2004)

Stevie Burns is the penname used by Chazda Albright, who from 2003 to 2006 was known as a straight-talking erotica writer and painter who edited, designed, and published other people’s work as well as her own through erotica ezine Voractiy the Erotica Beat and a small independent press called Booker Girl. Her popular Mrs. Saucebox editorials are now anthologized in this revised edition of Sex and Many Chiropractor Bills, now exclusively available only as an ebook, which includes an award winning erotica short story.

Praise for this author:
"...covers a lot of ground in a short space.  Charming, irreverent, and at times brassy... [yet] remains empathic and accessible."
-Alexander Renault, Erotic Authors Association