General Fiction

By Darren Laws

Publisher : Caffeine Nights Publishing

ABOUT Darren Laws

Darren Laws
Publisher, public relations manager, author, film - maker.  So many hats so little time...


Tripping is a surreal black comedy drama that looks at the lives of four friends and how the ripple effect of an event at university comes back to haunt them over a decade later.

Samantha arrives in London for a reunion with three university friends, but she is hiding a secret with a ten-year history that has touched and irrevocably changed the lives of everyone, even if they don’t quite know it yet.

The story charts the lives of the four girls who at university have the world at their feet.  Ten years later they have become women searching for the most elusive of dreams…happiness.

Tripping is a modern fable that explores the complexities of life’s most intricate paradox, balancing the mundane world of shattered dreams with secrets, lies and deception. Tripping is a step into a modern day wonderland.  The events of a hot summer week in May during their reunion will change their lives forever.

This is the first chick-noir book. Tripping is a surreal tale which appeals to all readers but will strike resonance with anyone who enjoys their fiction with humor but remains edgy and a little warped.