The Erotic Writings of Unobtainable


By Marilyn Campiz

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Marilyn Campiz

Marilyn Campiz
Marilyn Campiz has been a lifelong memoirist, poetess, and writer.  A world traveler, former expatriate teacher presently in back in the USA. She is an active supporter of the arts, collaborating and writing about projects all over the world. 
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An anthology of erotic descriptive verse covering the range of desire written in Miami Florida while the author was serving in the military. 

Fueled by a push to get in touch with her femine side, the author drove into all that was erotic after a painful divorce. Inspired by her search through the relationships she developed while in Miami Florida, Marilyn released all of her inhibitions in these pages. In the process tapping into her own creative desires to find her own voice outside of the rigid structure of military life.