LinkedIn Made Easy

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By Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Publisher : Crystal Clear Publications

LinkedIn Made Easy

ABOUT Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Linda Parkinson-Hardman
As a Social Entrepreneur, I’m committed to helping others in as many ways as I possibly can.  Therefore, I have committed to giving 40% of each sale of this book to charities that support those getting into work and entrepreneurship,the ones I am hoping to work with are listed below, More...



LinkedIn Made Easy, is a ‘How To Guide’ written especially for those people who want to be able to use the vast resources that this fabulous Professional Social Network has to offer more effectively and to greater benefit for themselves, their business or their company.

Whatever your role in the business, whether you are a solo professional looking to forge alliances with others who can help you achieve your goals and ambitions; the marketing director of a large multi-national conglomerate or the small business owner or a student looking for their first job; LinkedIn offers something for each of you that will help you achieve what you want.

But, you do need to know how to use it effectively.  All too often people add their CV and hope for the best, occasionally getting involved when they see others doing something, but not sure about why they are doing it.  And when the rewards aren’t forthcoming, they give it up as a lost cause and something that doesn’t work.

Let me help you navigate through the best that this brilliant social network has to offer.  Let me guide you through creating the perfect LinkedIn profile and at the same time, help you develop a strategy that will help you to achieve what your goals.

About three weeks ago, I asked a question on LinkedIn about success stories I could use with my clients and I got some interesting responses (you can see them here if you happen to be logged into LinkedIn) however, none of them really seemed to prove the point. And then I realised, what if I could create my own success story that shows how these networks can work to the advantage of many different groups of people. I had just finished working on a new e-Book, called LinkedIn Made Easy, and in one of those rare moments of insight I realised that this could be my ‘project’. I love writing and I’m told that my books are helpful to those who read them and I wondered if this simple, easy ‘how to’ guide that walks beginners through how to leverage the best that LinkedIn has to offer might be the way to go. And so the plan was formulated. To find out if I can sell 200,000 of my new LinkedIn Made Easy e-Book in just 30 days. This blog is new, it was created on 14th November 2009 and will track on a daily basis the journey I take to prove that Social Media is a force to be reckoned with for EVERY business, no matter what it’s size. The 30 days starts on Monday 23rd November and will end on 23rd December, and if it fails I’ll let you know.