Human Nature Manifesto


By Pamela E. Bailey

Publisher : Fading Into Reality Publishing, LLC

Human Nature Manifesto

ABOUT Pamela E. Bailey

Pamela E. Bailey
Pamela has a BS in chemical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA with a specialization in International Studies from OklahomaStateUniversity.  She has a unique perspective having previously completed various assignments in the petroleum industry, volunteered in prof More...


With predictions of doom and gloom dominating media and entertainment, people could easily give up and not take control of their lives and world.  No matter when we will die or when the world will end, we human beings have to make choices that will seal the fate of our civilization – for good or bad.  For those of us who believe in a higher power, our choices might be faith-based.  For those of us who do not believe in a higher power, our choices might be value-based.  Either way, we have the ability to choose the destiny for ourselves and our civilization one person-moment at a time.  This book outlines the power in our choices and contains a call to action.

The power of choice has been a great and instrumental force in the life of Pamela E. Bailey. With this book, her goal is to make people realize how much power each person really has to act for the good of mankind to create a positive civilization that is fully in control of our selves, our environment, our world, and our planet.