Be Creative, a Step-by-Step Guide to a More Creative Way of Life

Self-Help and Personal Development

By G K Eckert

Publisher : Musikhaus Studio of Creativity

ABOUT G K Eckert

G K Eckert
Artist, singer, musician, songwriter, author and teacher, GK has  been considered a highly creative person all her life. She has been operating Musikhaus Studio of Creativity in Kitchener, Ontario Canada since 1987.  She guides her students, of all ages, as they take the steps to express More...


A How to Book.  GK takes you through her Nine Step Process to allowing your Creativity to flow. Her book takes you step-by-step from developing the right mindset; managing your self talk; finding your passion all the way to working on your very own creative project.

Many, many times over the years as they were admiring paintings or a song she wrote, people have expressed to GK a yearning to be more creative. And most recently with the overwhelming response to her Ezine Article "Be Creative - Five Tips to Stimulating Your Creativity," She decided to put together this guide in conjunction with a brand new online program slated to begin January 2010.