ABOUT Sunni Morris

Sunni Morris
I write fantasy books primarily although I have a couple other things in the works.



Deep in the woods of New England past a quaint village stands a three hundred year old mansion.  The sparkling white walls make it appear beautiful at first glance but under the exterior the house holds deeper secrets where restless spirits wonder waiting for their next victim.

After her divorce Amber O’Donnell sets out with her twin daughters to make a new start away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Finding the mansion in a newspaper she falls in love with it and is looking forward to a quiet relaxing life in this gorgeous old home.  After moving in she finds her life anything but relaxing and quiet and soon must face the fact that her dream home is haunted forcing her to go against her convictions and seek out the help of the local witch.  Will she take this woman’s advice or seek another answer to the problem?

I’m always writing something it seems and I always wanted to write a haunted house story so this is what emerged from that endeavor.