Tome of Midnight (Sample Story One of Three)

ABOUT Chad Fleagle

Chad Fleagle
I was born in Ellwood City, PA in 1974, and currently reside in a small Pennsylvanian town known as New Castle. Sky Park will be my first of many books as I write on a daily basis. I'm also a Screenwriter and Poet. Hoping one day to reach the ranks of the great Stephen King or Howard Phill More...



A collection of three novella length Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy stories. In this widget I give you a taste of one of the stories out of the three Bionation.

I have always wanted to write a full sized Novel. In all honesty, I never had the patients to write over 90,000 words about a single set of people in a certain situation. For me it got boring very quick trying to do so. That is why this book was written. Using the novellas that I have comprised over a few years I decided to mesh them into one book of three intense stories bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.