Blood Alliance

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Raven Dane

Publisher : Discovered Authors Diamonds

ABOUT Raven Dane

Raven Dane
                     Raven Dane;
'Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best'

I am an established mainstream published author of the dark fantasy series, The Legacy of the Dark Kind. 

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The third of the Legacy of the Dark Kind series.
Fear has the world in a stranglehold. Society is falling apart as attacks by an unknown and powerful force spread panic and anarchy.Amid the escalating chaos, an unlikely alliance is formed. Humans and vampires are forced to put aside their age-old enmity and form a partnership against an implaccable and seemingly unstoppable foe.

The third in the series of the Legacy of the Dark Kind answers many of the questions raised in the earlier books. Can human and vampire work together to survive their deadly and mutual enemy?