Blood Tears

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Raven Dane

Publisher : Discovered Authors Diamonds

ABOUT Raven Dane

Raven Dane
                     Raven Dane;
'Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best'

I am an established mainstream published author of the dark fantasy series, The Legacy of the Dark Kind. 

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Blood Tears is the first of the Legacy of the Dark Kind series
What if you had the chance to live forever young and handsome but in humiliating isolation. Or accept inevitable death openly facing your enemies. That is the dilema confronting Prince Azrar.

When a foreign child is abandoned by her family to die in Isolann's wolf-ridden forests, she is taken to live under Azrar's protection as his ward. The strange ability that the girl possesses, a power that so terrified her own people, could be the only hope for Azrar's survival. For the Prince is not human but the last warlord of the Dark Kind, a race of beautiful but deadly creatures that have preyed on Mankind since before recorded history. A truly original vampire story with no maidens swooning over dark brooding strangers, angst-ridden sparkling teenage vamps, coffins or bats ! A fast moving adventure spanning three turbulent decades of the twentieth century.

'Sexy, subversive and beautifully written,'
Rachel Cropper, TFC

'Blood Tears is a refreshingly different vampire novel. A fast paced and taut story. I can't praise Blood Tears too much; over the years I've read dozens of novels about vampires and would rate this among the top five.'
Karen Stevens for the British Fantasy Society