Testament of the Magi: Mysteries of the Birth and Life of Christ

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Rollan McCleary
Rollan McCleary was born in London,  England. He has lived in France, Mexico and Hong Kong working in either teaching or media. He now lives in Queensland, Australia, where he is a citizen. He holds a doctorate in Religious Studies from QueenslandUniversity and is a published author in ma More...



This groundbreaking book solves two thousand year old mysteries and establishes in the face of modern doubts about him that Jesus did exist. Enlarging upon respected academic and astronomical researches "Testament" provides exceptional levels of proof that the true horoscope of Jesus can be and has been found, that it could not belong to anyone else and that it works for Jesus issues across history to this day. Commentary includes 430 name, place and concept asteroids and 70 so-called Arabic Parts which render it easy for the layperson to grasp what otherwise might remain at the level of the technicalities of traditional astrology. For expressive exactitude the data are like a fingerprint for Jesus. This book is an unprecedented revelation of the historical Jesus and his self-understanding.

Arguably the story behind this book (whose very first discoveries date back over twenty years), has special spiritual resonances. A published author with a critical success in religion, a doctor of religious studies offering a book that an editor of a major publisher (Transworld) called "groundbreaking,fascinating and publishable" should not be self publishing revelations of the kind "Testament of the Magi" contains. How and why he is doing so is a story yet to be told and still more understood. But in part it would appear the material in this study is more than some people want to know or wish to let others know. It might be relevant to recall the arrival of the Magi "troubled" all Jerusalem.