Executive Presence

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Harrison Monarth

Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional

ABOUT Harrison Monarth

Harrison Monarth
New York Times bestselling author and GuruMaker head coach Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of persuasive communication and speaker coaching. One of the most sought-after speech coaches in the United States, he regularly prepares CEOs, senior executives, political candidates and o More...



Take the next step toward the corner office using the art of perception management!

Taking the ideas mapped out in his New York Times bestselling The Confident Speakerto their next logical step, Harrison Monarth reveals the latest scientific research into interpersonal communication and human behavior, which every professional needs to reach the top.

Executive Presence teaches readers how to control the way they are perceived—and, thus, control their career trajectory. Readers will learn how to use persuasion, influence, damage control, communication, and media leverage to meet any personal goal. Combining theory with actionable tips and techniques, Executive Presence takes them step-by-step through the process of building a better, more durable self brand.

An expert in coaching high-level players in the art of perception management, Harrison Monarth reveals the critical difference between admired leaders and those of us who wish to be admired leaders. It's not a matter of intelligence, connections, or luck. It can be summed up in two words: Executive Presence.

We place tremendous value on leadership development in our company. I encourage our executives and high potentials to work on their organizational politics- and social intelligence skills as much as their technical skills to master the art of building relationships. Executive Presence combines all of the skills an executive should master on their way to the C-level suite. Particularly the sections on social media and reputation management are fascinating and ultra-relevant. Highly recommended for anyone working with people and looking to raise their profile in the business world. 

Charles Gillis, CEO FutureOffice Ergonomics 
Pennsylvania, USA

Within the highly challenging (current) environment of the financial services industry, we at Winston Capital, LLC have found Mr. Monarth's work to be of untold benefit to our interactions with our investors and trading partners. His deep understanding of human interaction, empathy within the social framework (at a business level) and reputation management have all been skills that have helped us during these tough times. Taking the time to read this book and embracing the author's intimate understanding of executive presence has brought incalculable benefit. 

Paul Isherwood 
CEO and Fund Manager 
Winston Capital, LLC

Excellent information written in an entertaining and lively style. Creating a personal brand is imperative in today's über-connected society and how you go about it will determine your success. This book shows the benefits and cautions readers about the traps of personal branding in the age of social media. The author makes it very clear that the responsibility of managing one's reputation has to be taken seriously as the consequences of either being invisible in our digital world are almost as dire as being visible in a negative way via twitter, facebook, myspace, LinkedIn and other social and professional networks. I for one will be much more careful about my online posting after reading this book. I also loved the step-by-step advice on how to increase one's social intelligence, something that's still not taught to any significant extend in most business schools, even though it is said to be a key factor in getting ahead and promoted at work.

Adam Wright