ABOUT Billy Young

Billy Young
I’m married with two kids, both in their teens. As you might imagine it does lead to some heated moments of family life. You know how it was when you were a teen; adults just didn’t understand and were still stuck in the Stone Age. That’s how my kids see me. Still I wouldn’t change More...



In the book of Revelation it mentions a scroll with seven seals. What if this scroll was hidden on earth? When an old man dies in Liverpool his flat is emptied by Joe and his friends and a strange looking book comes into Joe’s keeping. Soon he finds what trouble comes with the book when he watches his friend Toby being tortured then killed before his eyes. A man he recently met rescues him from possibly the same fate. Soon he finds out the man that saved him is more than just a man and that those that are after him aren’t what they appear to be. Demons and Angels don’t really exist yet Joe now knows they do and the book mustn’t fall to the wrong side or it may spell the end of everything.