Alternative Poetry Books Pink edition


By Michele Brenton

Publisher : Endaxi Press

ABOUT Michele Brenton

Michele Brenton
I'm known on the internet as banana_the_poet aka Michele Brenton. 
I was born in Swansea, Wales and lived for 3 years on the Greek island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.

I prefer to write short snappy pieces whether serious or quirky.
My main influences have been Hil More...


Hot on the heels of The Alternative Poetry Books - Yellow edition comes The Alternative Poetry Books - Pink edition.  The Kindle ebook was simultaneously in the Amazon best selling top ten in the UK and US in Dec 2011 and gained international acclaim.

While the Yellow edition was a sunny cornucopia of food, France, family and the frivolous the Pink edition firmly celebrates the feminine side of human nature.

Fictional folk such as the not-so cross cross-dresser; a middle-aged mother with a secret life as a European Soccer Cup goalkeeper, and a Fairy Godmother who decides it's her turn for some 'me' time, rub shoulders in this edition with real-life amazing people.

People like Claire Robertson the Dorchester entrepreneur, Lionheart and Lights Out - Swansea cage fighters in dresses who stood up to a thug and won the hearts of a nation, and the remarkable Elena Desserich only 5 years old from Wyoming who made a lasting impression on so many people in her tragically short life.

The world is full of beauty, love and fun that shines through despite sadness and this is the triumph of humanity I hope that the Pink edition will celebrate.

This is a short excerpt - the full book contains 59 poems and 83 pages.

The second book in the seven book series Alternative Poetry Books by Michele Brenton aka banana the poet.