Visions Of Freedom

Biographies & Memoirs

By Joseph Frank Baraba

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Joseph Frank Baraba

Joseph Frank Baraba
I'm the author of three books, the first: " Is Your Father Black ? Isbn# 1413755569 My 2nd book : " Dusty" Isbn# 1424120187My third book : " Visions Of Freedom" Isbn# 978-1-4489-2154-8 my new book is about Castro, Cuba and communism.



Visions Of Freedom is the story of one man's yearning and great desire for freedom from Fidel Castro's grip of tyranny and terror. When he decides to leave the country he learns what real hell is and is put in a concentration camp to work the fields. Will he survive his horrifying oppression and get his wish for freedom?

This is the story of one man's struggle to be free living under communism in Cuba under Fidel Castro's rein of terror and tyranny. A must read for everyone, once read you will thank God for your own freedom..My book is availabe through: Publish AMerica " Visions Of FReedom " Isbn# 978-1-4489-2154-8 1-301-695-1707