River of Judgement

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By David Sartof

Publisher : Demeter Publishing

River of Judgement

ABOUT David Sartof

David Sartof
Writer, entreprenuer, management consultant and philosopher.

I was born in a small caravan in a field in the north of Scotland. After such an inauspicious yet somehow romantic introduction to life, I have gone on to do many things. I have served in the merchant marine, been a pr More...


Middle-aged and forward-thinking, Finn Jackson has it sorted – almost. The promise of elusive yet finally achievable riches awaits him as he prepares to float his fledgling oil company on a London stock market – if he could just get his personal life together… Lyneth Jones is not only gorgeous, she is also a successful litigation lawyer. Now she is looking for a man to share her life with… Alexa Stuart has everything. She owns a successful PR Agency in the City, has a high-flying achiever of a husband, and lives a very comfortable life… But first appearances are often deceptive. Then, without warning, their lives change… Ousted in a boardroom coup, Finn’s world is turned upside-down; its consequences drive deep into the destinies of both Lyneth and Alexa. Set against the City back-drop of the growing financial crisis in 2007, the three embark on a journey of intrigue, plagued by ambition and treachery, as they struggle to understand what has really happened.

In September 2008, I left the board of my company in the financial services sector. I was presented with the opportunity to write a novel. Having previously published a rather academic tome on management philosophy, in which I developed ideas about management under conditions of extreme uncertainty, I thought it would be an interesting idea to write about management from a fictional point of view. River of Judgement is not a lesson in management! It is certainly not set in the financial services sector (I am not a banker!) It is a novel in which an entrepreneurial businessman faces certain trials and tribulations. All these trials and tribulations are plausible. Nothing is fantastical. Reality makes for its own suspense and as we face the risks of living and doing business, we often need to react. My hero reacts; my heroines react. And, as we react, we learn that things are not always as they seem, and neither do the consequences of our actions necessarily lead to our expectations.

Excerpt from Review by Sue Magee, TheBookBag.co.uk

Sartof is a talented storyteller and he drives his story skilfully though the city of London, PR firms and the law – and then onto the wilds of Canada and oil exploration. He's not bound by a particular genre either – the suspense is superb and no one would balk at this being described as a thriller. The crime elements are well done and there's even just a touch of romance in there. But forget all the details – this is just a damned good story.

Summary: A decided improvement on Jeffrey Archer's Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less with a brilliant plot and real suspense. Recommended.

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