Man's Dilemma-God's Solutions

Religion & Spirituality

By William Wright

Publisher : Hendrix Publishing

ABOUT William Wright

William Wright
William Killen Wright was born in Ireland in 1938.
He is married and has four grown-up children, Arleen, Karen, David and Erin. He has traveled extensively visiting over 50 countries in line with his secular work as a textile engineer specializing in the sisal industry. He is now r More...



Most people go through life with questions unanswered. With so many religions and opinions floating around it is no wonder than people are confused and do not know what to believe. The vast majority adhere to their present belief as they were brought up with that particular faith but this can never guarantee that it is, in fact, the correct one. After all they cannot all differ and still be correct. The situation is crucial as if God does exist then He has the answers and if He does not our beliefs are in vain. Yet with eventual death waiting on the side lines of the playing out of our lives then obviously the wise thing would be to get to know the truth, if that is possible to do. Blind hope and blind faith in a person, or system, is like burying our heads in the sand and waiting to see if we, by pure luck, end up in a happy life after death. But what if we are wrong? What if the answer was there all along but was missed it due to ego, pride, stubbornness, procrastination, earthly ambition, laziness or any other thing that kept us from really examining the evidence for a loving, caring and solution giving God. If God is for real then, as our Creator, then is logical for Him to communicate with us, His creation, and supply us with the facts we need to know. Does He exist? Does he care about us? Is there anything He requires from us to fulfill our purpose? Will we continue in some form of life after death, and if so, are there opinions as to how we will fare in it. William Killen Wright has confronted these issues in his new book Man's Dilemma - God's Solution. He methodically leads his readers through various stages of inquiry. He begins by showing the logic and need of God, that there is a source of absolute truth as revealed by God in His written, the needed starting point of a spiritual birth provided through the sacrificial death of God's only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, help to start living the new life, how to get to know our new Father better and how to prepare to finely meet God. It is hoped that this book will supply sought-after answers that many seek and be a blessing to all who read it.