General Fiction

By William Hazelgrove

Publisher : Koehler Books

ABOUT William Hazelgrove

William Hazelgrove
Born in Richmond, Virginia, and carted back and forth between Virginia and Baltimore, I blame my rootless, restless personality on my father. He was and is a traveling salesman with a keen gift of gab, great wit, a ready joke, and could sell white tennis shoes to coal miners.



Dale Hammer is trying to find his part of the American Dream. But he just can't keep up. In a story of hilarious consequences, we find Dale in one week accused of cutting down the sign to his subdivision, plagued with a father who has come to live over his garage, and on the hook for being the Rocket Man of his son's Scout troop. While the price of the American Dream has become nothing short of being rich and famous, Dale heads for the catastrophe of Rocket Day with one mission -- to give his son a sense of independence, and in the process, find himself.

Rocket Man was written after I moved to the suburbs from the city. I looked around and found myself and others unable to keep up with what had become the American Dream...the big car, house, bascially the overheated middle class life that had become the American nightmare. When I became the Rocket Man for my son's Scout Troop I knew I had a motif to write this novel of a man isolated in a world rapidly spinning out of control. Rocket Man is a story of our time. A man about to lose his home, trying desperately to hang to what really matters in life. In this way, Rocket Man, is really about us.

Best Books of the Year...San Antonoio Express
Funniest Novel since Richard Russo's Straight Man...Chicago Sun Times
THE FUNNIEST NOVEL OF THE ELECTION YEAR. William Elliott Hazelgrove’s Rocket Man is in the tradition of Richard Russo’s Nobody’s Fool, Richard Ford’s Independence Day and Tom Poratta‘s Election; all three writers coming to grips with contemporary life in the suburbs. Rocket Man is a satire of life today...Chicago Tribune