Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?: Empirical Methodologies and the Bible

ABOUT Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman
I am a father & grandfather who has written 4 books & freelance Christian Apologetics writer with a BA in history, & degrees in science & education. I freelance in Christian Apologetics & write about theological, historical, scientific, archeological, mathematical, bio More...



This book is a compilation of empirical, scientific, philosophical, archeological, and historical evidence for why you can believe the Bible and in creation vs. evolution. Also, the historicity of Jesus' existence, His resurrection, and evidence to support these facts.

I taught in public schools & realized that there is no alternative to the unproven theory of evolution, a theory in search of evidence. I used science, biology, history, archeology, etc. to answer these questions: Is there evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead? How do we know for sure if the Bible is true? Is there evidence for there being a creation? How old is the universe and is it finite, or infinite? What about the origins of life? Isn’t there sufficient evidence that have already proven evolution to be a fact? Are we only the product of random, blind chance or is there evidence of design by an intelligence?