Children's Books

By Ana Antunes

Publisher : Dance As One

ABOUT Ana Antunes

Ana Antunes
I have been writing and composing since the day that I created a prelude, composing some notes (which I still have recorded on my brain) on a small piano toy at the age of three. But I first put my two feet at the theatre, playing the flute to a big audience at Mackenzie Institute, when I  More...


A boy learns that every day there are lessons to obey. But he finds a way to take a toy each day and grows up successfully thinking that he can play and have fun while being responsible and learning how to live a plentiful life in much grace and joy. A more advanced Picture Book with musical compositions to play and sing along.

There's always a story behind a story. This one in particular was inspired by a boy I once knew in my infancy, and his name was Roy. He was actually my brother's best friend, and basically an important person in my life as well, for he was not only smart, but he showed me, without saying a word, that it was cool to go to school and that we can learn so much more when we befriend people like him, who used his intelligence and yet was so humble to not overlook anyone and maintain his love of studying as much as of playing.