Wish I Knew that

Health, Mind & Body

By Perry Bubis

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Perry Bubis

Perry Bubis
I am a vascular surgeon specializing in treatment of varicose and spider veins anywhere on the body. I have been active in this specialty for the last 35 years.

After giving a consultation about required treatment plan, patients would always say on leaving office"Wish I knew that". I wrote this book to inform potential patients what they need to know about vein disease, how to choose a doctor, what are the best types of treatment that always work. I tell people how to get reimbursed from their insurance carriers when they are denied. This system works 100% of the time. Lastly, I inform the inquisitive reader about National Health Insurance. Since I worked under this system in Canada and observed it in Germany, I am a credible authority about it and it's failure.