Modern Chord Changes To Favorite Hymns

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By Jerome Taylor

Publisher : Outskirts Press Publishing Inc,

Modern Chord Changes To Favorite Hymns

ABOUT Jerome Taylor

jerome taylor


Well, I went to the Hampton University's annual Minister and Organist Conference in Hampton, Virginia in 2003. While there I browsed around the various booths with items on display and came upon the sheet music and book section. I looked feverishly for anything that I thought would be of help as far as becoming a better musician such as books for organists and pianist etc. Needless to say I did not find anything of the sort. So in my frustration at this, I spoke out loud that I am going to write a book. Thats what I did. The following year I had submited a non-published version of the book to the conference. Within days the book was sold out. Thus it prompted me to publish the book officially which I did, and the rest is as they say is history.

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