Parenting & Families

By Valleria Strachan

Publisher : authorHouse

ABOUT Valleria Strachan

Valleria Strachan
Valleria is a first time self-published author, an ordained minister, song writer. I loves to inspired and encourage people from all walks of life. I am married to Nelson Strachan and we are bless with four boys. I live in the beautiful island of the Bahamas.


Faye, the captivating story of a baby's fight to survive a debilitating illness is a must read. It originates from a true-life happening centered around the severe testing of a family's love and faith as they dealt with their ailing daughter's fight to survive an eventual death, which ironically leaves them with more than they ever had. This book reveals the manifestion of the Glory Of God in their lives and their endurance through a tramatic, yet inspiring situation. Inspiring? Yes, through continue prayer, fasting and reading of God's word, this family learnt to trust solely on Him.

Posted August 24, 2006, 11:04 AM EST: 'Faye' is truly a book that I can say touched me personally. It showed me that we all have trials and tests that we go through yet it is still up to us to realize that God is almighty and in control over what happens in our lives. We will all be put to test at one point in our lives, but it is how we deal with it that makes us better. I encourage others to read this book and be richly blessed and motivated to make the best of their lives and their current situations, regardless of whats going on. Trusting in God will see us all through! This book is a must read!