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By Jeane Slone

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Jeane Slone
Jeane Slone while researching her historical novel She Flew Bombers From the Factories to the Bases During World War II had many adventures. She Flew in a World War I open cockpit, fabric and wood, Curtiss Jenny, one of only ten currently airborne. She experienced aerobatics in a 1941 op More...



She Flew Bombers is a funny, sad and heroic story about the strength of one woman, and her colleagues, the Women Airforce Service Pilots. These brave young women flew over 77 types of untested aircraft from the factories to the US bases during WWII. They had to fight their own battles with gender discrimination and not having any military benefits. Through the government lend lease program the WASPSs flew planes for the Soviet Night Witches to bomb the Germans at night. All the events in this novel are based on fact.  

My mother was in the Army during World War II and in her scrap book I found an article in her base newsletter about women pilots. I found out very few people even know that there were women pilots during WWII.

She Flew Bombers is a funny, sad and heroic story about the strength of one woman, Violet Willey, and her WASP colleagues, a colorful assortmen of other patriotic women, each one strong in her won way. Women pilots were and exotic and unappreciated item during WWII, and as such, had to fight their own battles against gender discrimination vefore it became a problem. The Same was not true of Russian women pilots, as Violet founds out in the course of delivering a pursuit airplane to self-proclaimed "Night Witches," as those extraordinary women combat pilots were called because they made their aerial raids under cover of darkness. Flying a dizzying variety of airplanes was a constant challenge of WASP pilots, as well as the terrifying porblem of sabotage. Add to this the knowledge that many of the planes they flew were relatively untested as they came off the assembly line, and the reader will easily understand the origin of the term, "Flying by the seat of their pants!".
    -- Mary Lynn Archibald, author of Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, No Horse, and No Clue
She Flew Bombers is a fascinating account of one woman's love of flying and her involvement with the WASPs durin World War II. Anyone interested in aviation history, women's history, or the World War II "war effort" will appreciate Jeane Slone's careful research, as well as her ability to bring this little-known aspect of the US history to life so vividly.
    -- Jean Hegland, author of Windfalls.
Author Jeane Slone Does an outstanding job in her new novel She Flew Bombers. This well written and fast-paced book chronicles the history of the WASP through the personal experiences of fictional aviatrix, Violet Willey. This Civil Service Organization transported all types of military aircraft across country to bases so male American flyers could be freed up to do the job of winning the war. Violet's passion for flying is documented from her first experience as a young girl going on a flight with a California barnstormer to joining theWASP and flying pursiots. Little seems to be written about this heroic status until 1977. The obstacles and biases they managed to overcome as women pilots during their service to our country are expertly put to paper by author Jeane Slone. Written with humor, emotion, and accuracy, this film-worthy story will be enjoyed by anyone interested in military and aviation history, a plain good book, or a fast read.
-- Tony Lazzarini, president, Military Writers Society of America