The Adventures of the Muffin Family, Chip and the Vacation Plans

ABOUT Peggy Headings

Peggy Headings
 I am an author of two books. Soon I will be publishing a new childrens book. I love to read, write and paint.  I live in Green Forest, AR. I am married and have five wonderful children. I attend the Truth Tabanacle Church in Green Forest, AR.



The Adventures of the Muffin Family Chip and the Vacation Plans The Great Disappearing Act!

The Muffins – Poppy, Mother, Berry, Cherry, and Chip – have been planning a family vacation to visit their cousins’ in faraway Muffin City.

The day they leave has finally arrived. The family is excitedly preparing to leave when Little Chip mysteriously disappears!

What has happened to Chip, and where could he be? Will they find him in time to make their trip?

Or will the Muffins have to cancel their vacation – again?
4.0 out of 5 starsA Lesson in Obedience, October 27, 2009
By  Todd A. Fonseca
After experimenting with a variety of new ingredients for her muffins, a little old lady named Nellie was shaken by the sound of what she thought was her stove exploding. Imagine her surprise when she found her muffins had come to life! In this adventure of the muffin family, everyone prepares to leave on vacation to visit their cousins. Unfortunately, young Chip has a problem listening to his parents and his disobedience causes hardship for not only his family but for Chip as well.

Peggy Heading's Adventures of the Muffin Family reminds the reader immediately of the children's classic The Gingerbread Man. But in Heading's world, we get an entire family which sets up a fun and exciting way for kids to learn life lessons! The storyline is instructive for kids while the pictures are engaging and fun which keep their attention.

I read this story to my five-year-old son and he loved the illustrations. He frequently laughed at the funny muffin people and their unique names - "chip", "berry", "poppy", "cherry". The ability to capture a young child's attention while teaching an important lesson of selflessness and obedience, isn't easy but comes through clearly in Heading's work. My son and I eagerly await what is next in store for young chip and the muffins!