Speak Life: Poems of Application and Inspiration


By Dee Dee Gladden

Publisher : Books by DrDanni

ABOUT Dee Dee Gladden

Dee Dee Gladden
Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, and Author



This poetic compilation speaks to life application and inspiration.

Life is full of twists and turns yet the perspective and posture that one has will determine victory or defeat. During a particularly difficult time in her life, the author's husband provided her with a truly meaningful gift - a Gratitude Journal. Though she had been writing poetry since the age of nine, Dee Dee's writing had dropped off as does many passions do when the complications of life seem to get the best of us. This journal provided a conduit to channel deliverance. She vowed to journal whenever she felt defeated or depressed yet to only write about her blessed life - the joy that made her feel good and know that she had a purpose. In the journal, she gave renewed voice to her poetry writing some of which were extracted for this book.